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Faodail Ragdolls

Sunkitty Stella Moonshine x Rockstardolls Bling Like Midas

DOB: April 11, 2022

 $1,000Indoor Companions Only

 Come with...

TICA Registration- Litterbox Trained - Vet Check - Health Certificate - Initial Vaccines -

Kitten Care Basket & Framed Portrait

-Pedigree Upon Request-


Lady Sybil

deserves a Manor House of her own. A quintessential "feline", who loves to be doted upon and expects you to curtsey in her presence. She loves to cuddle on the bed and claims her rightful place by being the first to fall asleep in your arms. Beautiful personality to compliment her dainty looks. 



always the first to greet us each morning. He tends to march to the beat of his own drum and loves to have his own special time with the family alone. A wandering spirit, he likes to explore, but is perfectly content following you wherever you go just in case you might need his expert assistance in all things adorable. He has earned the title of "Clan Leader" among his littermates. 

"A Purr Can Heal A Heart"

By: Kalie Wilson


This is quite a personal story... however I feel as though sharing it helps to explain the love I have for my kitties.

Babies are a blessing... but no one ever tells the struggle of fighting for that blessing when facing infertility.


After 6 years of fertility treatments, surgeries, and countless prayers our dream of becoming parents came true after undergoing IVF. The overwhelming feeling of love that follows can never be expressed through words. Our little Mountain Man immediately showed us that the wait was worth it.

Facing the finality of another specialist recommended we try IVF again, otherwise we would forever remain a family of 3. After a set-back and heartbreak I knew the love of a kitten would help our family get through the time of grief and uncertainty.


Being a veterinary technician, I have always enjoyed the Ragdoll breed for their personality and affection they show. I was fortunate enough to find a wonderful breeder who has become a good friend of mine and blessed us with Stella Moon. She quickly became a part of our family, escorting us from room to room making sure that we did not feel alone.


 Once I began the process of medications, needles, constant visits and bed rest, Stella sensed that things were changing. On bad days...she would nap on my chest, her calming presence putting me at ease. It was then that I truly understood the "Power of a Purr". Almost immediately, my anxiety lessened and I was able to find hope and enjoyment in the possibility of the future. 


Soon we were once again blessed with another miracle baby and our family is now complete. It is hard to remember life before we were 4. The most touching part about this journey, is that the personality of our precious baby girl resembles the spirit of Stella Moon. They seem to share a bond and genuinely love each other. We lovingly joke that Ragdoll kittens are her spirit animal. 

So....that's the story behind the cattery. I want to bless others with the loyal companionship that Ragdolls give to their humans in need of a purr in their heart.  

I want to share this healing power of animal companionship...specifically Ragdolls with others needing a purr in their heart. 

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